Explore the Case Histories of Ekinex KNX Products: Real-world examples of innovation in practice. The entire range of KNX products developed by Ekinex is used for the automation of residential and commercial buildings: households, offices, hotels, public institutions, schools and universities, hospitals, shops and shopping centers.

Discover how Ekinex KNX products have transformed spaces, enhanced efficiency, and elevated comfort across a variety of applications.

Dive into success stories that showcase the power and versatility of Ekinex solutions in bringing smart, sustainable living to life. Temperature regulation, energy efficiency, lighting control, monitoring of security systems and many other Ad-Hoc solutions can be created based on user requirements, thanks to the KNX standard. Discover them all.

Villa W.

In the Dutch countryside, there is a beautiful private residence with an elegant, modern style and equipped with the latest home automation technology.

Villa Roccamare – One of the most beautiful places on the Maremma coast

The Villa Roccamare project makes concrete the need to shape architecture to the dictates of nature, which is increasingly central to contemporary man’s living.

Private Villa in Zoliborz, Warsaw

A comfortable house with an area of 350m2 in Warsaw was equipped with a modern smart home system based on KNX standard. This guarantees maximum convenience and safety.

Karuizawa Sky House: comfort and sophisticated design surrounded by nature

The house is located in Nagano, Japan and the total area of the building is over 1,000 m2 on 2 floors. The building is located in a mountainous area characterized by rich nature.

EHB Apartments – Balbo Palace of Vinadio, Turin

The intervention involved the renovation and refunctionalization of a portion of Palazzo Balbo di Vinadio, a listed historic building in the center of Turin.

Atlantis Duplex in Mumbai

A luxurious duplex in the center of Mumbai, India. The customer is a well-known HNI (Identity withheld due to NDA), has a fascination for supercars, and owns multiple luxury fast cars.

EVL Apartment Turin

EVL Apartment fits into the green context of the Turin hillside. More specifically, the project involved the complete renovation and amalgamation of two residential units on different levels.

Parcolago: a complex of 120 class A++ flats surrounded by greenery

With a promise already contained in its name, the municipality of Paradiso, at the southern entrance to Lugano, is home to the Residenza Parco Lago, a complex of 120 class A++ flats surrounded by greenery.

A look at the sea: restructuring of a penthouse and a mega penthouse in Pescara

A few steps from the centre of Pescara, an apartment on the top floor of a building under reconstruction, has been equipped with modern technologies for the control of the thermoregulation (EasyTech Srl) and for the audio-video system (Nextworks Srl).

Architectural excellence in the interior design of Grand Apartment

The project is located in the center of Kyiv on Hrushevsky Street, which is popularly called the government one. In addition to the main administrative buildings, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

A smart home with an amazing view on Sydney skyline

The Horizon Apartments, built between 1990 and 1998 on a project by the Austro-Australian architect Harry Seidler, is one of Sydney’s historic residential skyscrapers overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

A Holiday Home and Show Apartment in South Cornwall

A “boutique” rental apartment in the town of Marazion on the south west coast of Cornwall. This project is an Intelligent Installations Joint Venture: it is a ‘Holiday Rental Apartment’ & ‘Show Apartment’.

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