Atlantis Duplex in Mumbai








Lighting and temperature control

The Application Context

A luxurious duplex in the center of Mumbai, India. The customer is a well-known HNI (Identity withheld due to NDA), has a fascination for supercars, and owns multiple luxury fast cars. He wanted the greatest in luxury and style for his expansive Duplex home in Mumbai and flew throughout Europe to choose the best interior furnishings.

Our goal is to fit into a luxurious lifestyle while still meeting his exacting criteria for quality in design and performance.

Client’s Demands

The client is an excellent gadget expert, and he was quite clear about his functional requirements. He was quite particular about his push buttons because they were one of the first things he touched and felt every morning. He gave a three-word explanation of what he needed. 1. Beautiful 2. Use and 3. Individuality

A well-known system integrator in India named ‘Acetech Technologies Pvt Ltd (Mumbai) gave him a selection of keypads made by Ekinex. After rounds of discussions with his architect and interior designer, he decided on the Ekinex 20 Venti series.

Ekinex Solutions

The Ekinex pushbuttons of the 20venti series in surface version GBB (Brass) have been selected for the wall product finishes. The product’s aesthetic style enhances the interior design perfectly. The selection of the keypad regulates the interior’s lighting fixtures and temperature.

Products used:

Wall mount devices

Room temperature controller and the 8-fold pushbutton with backlit text/ symbols and proximity sensor for 2-fold plate

4-fold pushbutton with backlit text/symbols and proximity sensor (right-hand version)

Wall mount devices with wiring Accessories

Every room has Keypads and thermostats with a matching line of wiring accessories.

The client is incredibly happy with his choice and continues to enjoy the experience day after day.

Customized Engraving

The clients bar has an enviable collection of finest liquor from across the globe including some rare and limited-edition single malts. In keeping with the good spirits ‘Acetech created some fun scenarios on the 20 Venti and named them Wine, Tequila, Beer, Whisky and customized symbols for Lighting. His guests are delighted with this mood for every drink.

This project won the National awards organized by the IIID: Indian Institute of Interior Design. Smart Space Awards – 2023 for best project by System Integrator in Residential apartment category.

FF series
71 series
20 venti series
Signum series