Villa Roccamare – One of the most beautiful places on the Maremma coast








Climate comfort, Ventilation, Lighting, Supervision

The Application Context

The Villa Roccamare project makes concrete the need to shape architecture to the dictates of nature, which is increasingly central to contemporary man’s living. It is a vacation home of about a total of 300 square meters, built on the seaside in one of the most beautiful places on the Maremma coast, the Pineta di Roccamare.

The project was guided by the designer’s personal experience with this place, with its founding elements: sea, pine forest, the Mediterranean scrub with its colors and perfumes. Villa Roccamare is a long horizontal body that recovers, reinterpreting, the pre-existing buildings through an operation of demolition and reconstruction by including in the complex a large swimming pool.

The villa is a simple architecture, of a simplicity wanted with great tenacity in the choice of construction solutions, materials, in the definition of all the details. The project wants to recover the ancient relationship with nature, with the rhythms of those who live these places, a conscious dialogue with those who, before us, testified their idea of vacation. The stylistic imprint proper to the 1960s inspired the shapes, colors and materials of the interiors, hence the use of wood and enameled lava stone that give to the complex a strong Mediterranean character.

The design also considered some aspects of bioclimatics, allowing sea breezes into the house through the orientation of the main facade to the west, toward the sea. In addition, a Maremma diorama symbolized by a centuries-old olive tree placed in the courtyard inside the first building, that invokes oxygen, freshness and opens optical channels to the seascape.

Client’s Request

From the beginning, the client requested the possibility to remotely manage the home, since it is mainly a vacation home. Requiring a simple and intuitive interface. The home automation controls the heating/air conditioning system, assisted mechanical ventilation, indoor blinds and indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios.

Ekinex Solutions

The products used are 71 series devices (in some case it’s used the NF version) in Malé white color. The choice was made mainly because of the clean design and very small size that fits well with the image of the interior. The home automation system is managed independently via smartphone with KNX applications.

FF series
71 series
20 venti series
Signum series