A look at the sea: restructuring of a penthouse and a mega penthouse in Pescara








Thermoregulation control

The Application Context

A few steps from the centre of Pescara, an apartment on the top floor of a building under reconstruction, has been equipped with modern technologies for the control of the thermoregulation (EasyTech Srl) and for the audio-video system (Nextworks Srl).

The design by Studio Sabatino involved the study of refined and practical environments characterized by an elegant and extremely welcoming atmosphere. This led to the choice of top quality interior finishes, creating the perfect combination of bio-architecture and interior design for a comfortable, functional and eco-sustainable space.

Client’s requirements

The owners of the penthouse wished a home that offers a high-level quality of living, with the possibility of climate and air quality control in every season.

Ekinex solutions

Ekinex products were selected for wall-mount finishes and for DIN-Rail mount modules.

Pushbuttons are in brass metal and in black plastic FF series, NF line.

Room thermostats EK-EQ2-TP are equipped with a relative humidity probe and they offer advanced features on the subject of protection from the formation of condensation in the summer operating. The thermostat and the actuator for fancoil EK-HC1-TP are equipped with configurable inputs as analogical (for connection of temperature probes NTC) or digital (potential free) for easily create additional functions to increase the comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Actuators EK-FF1-TP and EK-FE1-TP acting to control various automations (elevator, opening doors/windows).

FF series
71 series
20 venti series
Signum series